Yuuvaa Aakaash-S2 Social Responsibility Youth Group

Yuuvaa Aakaash translates  to Youth Unlimited. The programme began as a capacity building development programme in districts throughout Nepal in 2009, and continues as such. At Kathmandu’s S2 Gender Resource Centre, Y.A. has since evolved into a Activism Oriented Youth Group focused on organizing events and work-parties that are as fun as they are useful.

This 2075 and 2076 Nepali Calendar Year (2018 & 2019), emphasis is on Agro Eco Entrepreneurship and have there are 2 active sites where earnestly interested youth can learn through participation in Urban Organic Kitchen Farming (Boudhanath – Mondays) or Rural Agroforestry, Permaculture, and hands-on Landscape Architecture (Matatirtha -Schedule to be announced). Teachers/Mentors for these sites are from Shtrii Shakti, SEARCH Nepal, and Everything Organic Nursery.

Through our Trees for Peace Campaign,  we will happily teach you hands-on how to take a cutting from your favourite tree and grow a new tree from the cutting.  Workshops are planned annually for February, but please get in touch to schedule one at your site.

Find us on Twitter @YuvaaS2, Find us on Facebook as Yuvaa Aakaash S2, Find us on Instagram as Yuvaa Aakaash S2, and contact us here

USE THE HASHTAG #YuvaaNepal to share/publicize anything AWESOME that you see any Youth doing around Nepal!!!!!!

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