Yuuvaa Aakaash-S2 Social Activism Youth Group

Yuvaa-Aakaash-Hashtag-Banner-YouthNepal-S2-2017Yuuvaa Aakaash translates to Youth Unlimited. The programme began as a capacity building development programme in most districts throughout Nepal in 2009, and continues as such. At Kathmandu’s S2 Gender Resource Centre, Y.A. has since evolved into a Activism Oriented Youth Group focused on organizing events and work-parties that are as fun as they are useful.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for project organizing– We’d like to invite you to join us as we plan for a big event in February (still in the planning phase and open to suggestions)!  The funds raised will go to our Crisis Support Programme (50%) and to pay for future Y.A.  events and Public Service Activities (50%) –like garbage clean up, urban composting, and tree planting. Email us for more info, or hit us up on FB or Twitter.

One programme we have scheduled for FEB 2018 is our One Billion Rising “Trees For tree-planting-schoolPeace” Campaign.  This is our first year doing the programme and we will happily teach you hands-on how to take a cutting from your favourite tree and grow a new tree from the cutting.  Workshops are tentatively planned for the weekend of Feb 3, 2018. STAY TUNED for More Information, and PLEASE JOIN US IF YOU ARE A YOUTH WHO WANTS TO HELP!

Find us on Twitter @YuvaaS2, Find us on Facebook as Yuvaa Aakaash S2, Find us on Instagram as Yuvaa Aakaash S2, and contact us here

USE THE HASHTAG #YuvaaNepal to share/publicize anything AWESOME that you see any Youth doing around Nepal!!!!!!

Yuvaa Aakaash’s action team is looking to expand its programme to satellite locations around Nepal as part of its 2018-2019 growth phase, so stay tuned for Y.A. events and workshops across the Nation!


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