Training for Capacity Development

Shtrii Shakti organizes different kinds and levels of capacity development trainings, which are often focused on seeking conceptual clarity and understanding of issues ranging from gender and development to NGO/ CBO aimed at eventually establishing solidarity groups prepared for long term commitment and sustenance governance.

Other training topics include Peace Building and Conflict Transformation, Sexual Reproductive Health Right, Sexuality, Engaged Citizenship, Socio-Economic Entrepreneurship, Leadership Development, Life Skills, Communication, Climate Change, Green Governance, Gender and Governance, GBV, training skill and Advocacy etc.Gender Master Trainer 2017

Trainings are usually participatory rather than lecture style and involve levels of capacity development which create clarity and skills for setting a realistic gender and development oriented change in the country.

The training ranges from grass root to international level, and S2 enhances these lessons and workshops with reading materials and continued education workshop opportunities.

National Level Trainings

S2 has conducted much national level training for a large pool of participants on three different levels: (i) Concept level, (ii) Issues level and (iii) Skill level. In fourteen years of time period, approximately 44,000 people have undergone trainings on gender and related issues conducted by S2 in collaboration with its Gender Master Trainers and S2 partners. It has also conducted trainings on various topics which include Gender, Peace, Inclusion, Gender and Governance, Advocacy, Gender auditing and budgeting, Gender Based Violence, Leadership, Sexuality, Climate Change, Green Governance, Engaged citizenship, Social-Economic Entrepreneurship and Life Skill Human Rights among others.

Gender Trainer and Master Trainer Certification

S2 has trained 455(270 women, 185 men) Gender Trainers and 76 (44 women, 32 men) Gender Master Trainers. The Gender Master Trainer is a three year training course and S2 is the first institution in Nepal to traingender-master-trainer-group Gender Master Trainers. A network known as National Gender Master Trainers Network-Nepal (NGTN) has been created by these gender master trainers to share information on gender and related issues. Gender Master Trainers are active in 36 districts while Gender Trainers are active in 74 districts

Green Governance Trainers’ Training

Training of Trainers on Green Governance (Module 3) was organized for the potential candidates of Gender Master Trainers. The participants participated from 33 districts.  The aim was to enhance participants’ capacity by imparting knowledge, awareness and information for clarity, skills on both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.  

Gender and Good Governance Trainers’ Training

Gender and Good Governance Trainers’ Training was organized for the Gender Master Trainers. The participants participated in the training from 39 districts.  The main objective of this training was to prepare Gender and Good Governance Trainers for imparting Gender and Good Governance related training skills.

Climate Change / Green Governance Training – Continuing Education

Every year, Shtrii Shakti conducts refresher trainings for the Gender Master Trainers on different issues for enhancing their capacity building as professional trainers. In the same vein, this time they were orientated on Climate Change and Green Governance where they were taught the concepts and issues related to it.

Sister for Sister’s Education

Sisters for Sisters’ Education in Nepal is a collaborative partnership between Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), Aasaman Nepal, Global Action Nepal (GAN) and Shtrii Shakti running the programme in 4 districts (Lamjung , Surkhet , Parsa and Dhading) supported by DFID (Department for International Development, UK) from July 2013 – February 2016. This is one of the innovative pilot projects. The target group of this programme is Marginalised girls and communities from the respective districts. This programme helps marginalized girls to access their right to education. This programme helps in increasing the number of girls in school, improve the learning at school as well as help them stay at school. Shtrii Shakti acts as the Resource Centre for this project where the needed materials and trainings are provided.

Life Skill Training of Trainers

Under the Sister for Sister’s Education programme, Shtrii Shakti organized five days residential Training of Trainers (ToT) on Life Skills for the implementing partners, District Coordinators, Professional Mentors, Community Mobilisers / IVs. Participants from Surkhet, Lamjung, Dhading and Parsa districts participated in this training.The training covered issues in both the Big Sister’s and Adult Champion’s manual. Topics covered in the manual included mentoring, life skills, facilitation skills, communication skill, and gender including gender based violence. Since it was a ToT, the participants also performed micro teaching.

District Level Trainings

Yuva Aakash Programme

Yuva Aakash Programme was initiated in 2009 AD. Since 2015, Yuva Aakash programme is being implemented in following four Districts in association with local NGOs/CBOs.

  • Yuva Awaaz, Kaski

  • Seed Nepal, Parbat

  • Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch, Kailali

  • Tharu Mahila Utthan Kendra, Bardiya

This programme aims to empower marginalised and unreached youth to make informed career choices and develop themselves as catalysts of change for social and economic harmony at personal, family and community level. Imparting awareness and knowledge among these groups, involving themselves in social and economic entrepreneurship activities such as discussion; interaction, training; performing art; social service etc are conducted in this programme with the objective to incite the feeling of creativity and power in youth and help them to explore their ideas, creativity and enhance their knowledge through workshops, trainings, counselling, vocational guidance and reference materials, capacity building and entrepreneurship.

Youth Leadership Development

Shtrii Shakti in association with Art of Living and Daya Foundation conducted the first stages of 8 days long intensive Youth Leadership Trainers Programme (YLTP) from 10-17 October 2014. Youths participated from nine districts (Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Nuwakot, Chitwan, Tanahu, Kaski, Sindhupalchok and Parbat) in the training.The main objective of this course was to develop leadership, build team work spirit and communication skills to create a solidly bonded team of volunteers with an emphasis on service that gives back to the communities in need including embodied strength to cope with various life essentials for personal, families and community well being

Building Capacity of Youth for Combating Gender Based Violence (GBV)

“Mobilizing Youth for Combating Gender Based Violence (GBV) programme was launched as part of an agreement made between Shtrii Shakti and Alliance for Peace Nepal. In this programme, S2 has played a significant role by providing various types of technical supports including training preparation, training facilitation and preparing hand book for AFP.

Ten number of Training of Trainers (ToT) were organized for 120 Youth clubs, each ToT having twenty-four participants from five Development Regions of the country. The main objective of the training was to build capacity of youth to respond to various kinds of GBV and to raise awareness among them. Various forms of GBV include child marriage, sexual abuse and harassment, alcohol abuse, dowry, polygamy, chaupadi (seclusion during menstruation) among others. It was also anticipated that youth groups will also learn about various forms of GBV prevalent in their communities and jointly work towards addressing them.

District Level Capacity Building for Gender Trainers

Gender Training of Trainers (ToT) was organized at regional basis. Training was held in Nepalgunj, Biratnagar and Pokhara for Mid- Western, Eastern, and Central regions respectively. It is designed to take place at three levels. The first level dealt with the basic concept, the second level dealt with the main issues and the third level focused more on training skills. A total participants was 94 (53 women and 41 men) from NGOs/ CBOs/, Local Bodies and Cooperatives

Green Governance Trainers’ Training

Training of Trainers on Green Governance (Module 3) was organized for the potential candidates of Gender Master Trainers. The participants participated from 33 districts.  The aim was to enhance participants’ capacity by imparting knowledge, awareness and information for clarity, skills on both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.  

Capacity Building and strengthening of District Civic Watch Groups (DCWG)

In order to ensure the rights of the communities in new constitution: strong lobby and advocacy is inevitable to be conducted by the District Civic Watch Group members. Realizing this circumstance, the training was provided to DCWGs to help them in building their conceptual clarity on leadership, advocacy, federalism, social audit, leadership and advocacy skills lobbying and identification of advocacy issues .Rights Based Approach, advocacy methodologies, leadership development and the issues to be addressed by the new constitution were the major contents of the training. The training has supported in enhancing the capacities of the members particularly on lobby and advocacy methodologies. Auditing the major agendas of the communities that have included in the reports of the CA Thematic Committees was also done.