S2 Digital Resource Centre

S2-DRC-PLAINWelcome to Shtrii Shakti’s Digital Resource Centre BETA!  We are in the process of making all our publications and some other materials in our  resource centre available to you online.  You can download S2 Publications here, and very soon you will  find a sortable .csv list of books, so that you can check availability and access all the titles in our SLazimpat Office.

The following titles are available for FREE download in .pdf format:

What is a Girl? What is a Boy? (English and Nepali)–Kamla Bhasin

Spoken Word Performance Interpretation of What is a Girl? What is a Boy? –Kritika Gurung

Executive Summary: Revisiting the Status of Women in Nepal (2015) –S2 Publication

If Only Someone Had Told Me (Nepali) -Kamla Bhasin

Sexuality: An Empowerment Perspective –S2 Publication

Pitrisatta Ke Ho? What is Patriarchy? -Kamla Bhasin


make a tree in 10 steps- nepali