Resource and Training Centre Manager & Advocacy Programme Officer– Shtrii Shakti – Jan, 2018

The Shtrii Shakti(S2) resource centre programme is an established programme working in our own S2 office, villages, schools, organizations, and even some private spaces, and the programme is looking to expand.  The expansion is envisioned to not only replicate current types of resources but to enlarge our capacity in general to include new types of resources like seeds for food solidarity, entrepreneurship possibilities– training and funding options– and providing and creating learning modules to share knowledge. The ultimate goal is to build capacity for, and execute, direct implementation of core-competency trainings and professional skills of all types to further the livelihood of youth, marginalized, and all members of society, always with the idea of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) in mind.

One part of running the Resource Centre is managing S2’s Youth Group through volunteer coordination and recruitment. The group, called Yuvaa Aakaash, literally translates to “Youth Sky” but also means “Youth Unlimited” in the broader sense of the word Aakaash. The spirit of Youth and Creative Energy is essential to the successful candidate who would become the Resource and Training Centre Manager and Advocacy Officer.

Your job description will include the following:

This job will entail travelling to networks with satellite resource centre operators and establishing connections with new and interested affiliates, reviving old connections, and maintaining current relationships. Be prepared to be centered in Kathmandu, but leave occasionally to do field work and advocacy of GESI, while still keeping the headquarters resource centre running.

Marketing skills to create and execute detailed events are necessary for this position. We have been keeping an open platform of allowing all kinds of events to be organized as long as they fit into our basic agenda (platform for GESI and developing core competencies). Web marketing (SEO implementation and strategy, SMM, PPC) experience, as much of what is recorded, learned, and communicated happens online, is an added preference.

Regular Responsibilities:

  • Arrive by opening hours to S2 office and leave office at closing hours 5 days per week
  • Coordinate with other Programme Officers, Executives, and Executive Assistant
  • Make phone calls and send emails to remote offices with S2’s brand of Resource Centres, and maintain a good rapport with the leaders and benefactors of the Centres.
  • Get in touch with Youth Groups, Schools, Organizations, Business Networks, etc to extend your Programme’s Reach
  • Organize Resource Centre planned Events to include youth interests (one per quarter year with the idea that it may happen not only in KTM but other areas as well)
  • Report to your immediate supervisor twice weekly in a written report via email.
  • Give a quarterly report to the Chief Executive, as all staff are expected to do, under the supervision of your direct supervisor


The minimum educational qualification for this position is a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Education, library science, or Management with a Master’s Degree preferred.  Holders of other types of degrees will be considered if they have supporting work experience that shows competency for the tasks required. Experience with Adult Learning is desired. Other qualifications and real-life experience will be taken into account. The successful applicant will have at least 2 years relevant work experience.