S.No. Research Topic Completion  Year
1. Client Exit Interview with Sample of women who accessed MA survive in two IPA’s MA intervention regions of Nepal 2015
2. Revisiting the Status of Women in Nepal (1981-2012) 2012
3. Looking at Sexuality in Relation to Women’s Empowerment within the Nepalese Context 2010
4. Research Paper on Goal 3: Gender Equality and women’s empowerment. MDG Progress Report, 2005, National Planning Commission Government of Nepal/UNDP 2005
5. Women and Governance/ Democratic Process in South Asia: Re-imagining the State: Nepal Chapter (1997-1999), International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES), Sri Lanka 1999
6. National Gender Analysis on Elected and Nominated Women Ward Representatives 1998
7. Women Development Democracy ( A Study  of the Socio-Economic Changes in the Status of Women in Nepal, 1981-1993) 1995