Leader Manager — Shtrii Shakti –JAN 2018

SHORT JOB DESCRIPTION: Contact us Directly to learn more 

Shtrii Shakti is a secular, women-led, non-government development institution based in Kathmandu, which works with issues of gender and marginalization throughout Nepal. Our efforts range from grass-roots interventions to meta level research, analysis, and implementation.

The organization accomplishes its goals and its day-to-day operations is centralized
with the Chief Executive, who sits at the top of the organizational flowchart. The position of Leader/Manager is open with the description of assisting the CEO to supervise and guide the various departments of the institution, serving as the second-in- command of the group.

The Leader Manager will be given specific responsibilities by the Chief Executive, such as developing, expanding, and overseeing programmes for the institution. He or she may be tasked either with specific supervision of the managers of departments (such as specific project holders), and are often tasked with conducting interviews and making final hiring decisions for new workers to the organization. In addition, they will be responsible for overseeing our brand and taking it to greater heights, including maintaining and developing institutional financial and programmatic sustainability.

Additional skills for this position: The successful candidate will have excellent writing skills with regards to detail oriented research publications, and a personal capacity to see “the bigger picture” when writing about or interacting with S2 programmes or at events.