Shtrii Shakti has been instilled with the belief that “the more information, education, and knowledge one shares, the better it is for all.” S2 has published a numbers of manuals, resource materials. S2 also creates safe learning spaces in the form of both urban and rural resource centers.

Resource Centers (Yuvaa Aakash)

Yuva  Aakash is a space for the youth to explore their ideas, creativity and enhance their knowledge through  sharing , meeting  and discussion with the focus on moral repositioning, counseling, vocational guidance and reference materials, capacity building and entrepreneurship. Five resource centers (RCs) has been established (Kathmandu, Kaski and Chitawan, Arghakhnachi , Kailali districts). In 2015, two resource centers have established in Bardiya and Parbat. All RCs are equipped with reference materials in the form of books, documentaries, music, computers, including communication facilities and other relevant resource materials for youth. Safe Migration, Career path’s counseling , information dissemination has been provided to the youth  by Resource Centre desk in the programme implemented districts. Since 2015, Yuva Aakash programme is being implemented in following four Districts.

  • Yuva Awaaz, Kaski
  • Seed Nepal, Parbat
  • Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch, Kailali
  • Tharu Mahila Utthan Kendra, Bardiya


S2 has published various training manuals and books listed below:

  • Green Governance Trainers’ Training Manual

  • Resource Material for Youth (Youth Hand Book)

  • Mentoring Training Manual for Big Sisters

  • Mentoring Training Manual for Adult Champions

  • Gender Ra Sushasan (Gender and Governance- Manual)

  • Shanti Sutra (Manual on Peace Formula)

  • Sambegatmak Pida Rupantaran (Manual  of Transforming Emotional Pain)

  • Prashikchyak Prashikchyan Nirdeshika (Trainer’s Training Manual Skill)

  • Gender Ra Digo Bikasma Spasta Abadharana (Manual of Gender and  Sustainable Development)

  • Younikta Tatha Prajanan Sambandhi Pustika (SRH Shabdakosh- A Sexual and Reproductive Health Glossary In English and Nepali)

  • Younikta Sambandhi Jankari Pustika(Information regarding Sexuality Book)

  • Directory of Gender Master Trainers – Second Edition

  • Stewarding Developing Nurturing Gender Master Trainers in Nepal ( 1999-2014)

S2 has translated and published some of the gender related books in Nepali language listed below:

  • Akhir Yo Gender Ke Ho Ta? (What is Gender?)

  • Pitrisatta Ke Ho? (What is Patriarchy?)

  • Naribad Ke Ho (What is Feminism)?

  • Purush, Purushotwa Ra Purushbad (Exploring Masculinity)

  • Yedi Malai Kasaile Bhaneko Bhaye (If Only Someone Had Told Me)

  • Keti Ke Ho? Keta Ke Ho? (What is a girl? What is a boy?)

  • Bhagwat Gita Jiwan Marga

  • Digo Bikas Bare Kehi Chintan (Some Thoughts on Sustainable Development)

  • Sur Ek Tara aag Anek ( Many Notes One Symphony : Understanding Pluralism)

Posters and Calendar

  • Equal Education Opportunity for daughter and son

  • Gender Sensitive Language Poster

  • Civic Education Calendar

  • One Billion Rising Poster

  • Women and Children of Nepal, 2001 (In figure) and three different types of literacy posters

  • Women in Literacy (Life Skill, Finance,

Research Publications

  • Revisiting the Status of Women in Nepal (1981-2012)

  • Sexuality: An Empowerment Perspective ( 2011)

  • Revisiting The Status of Women In Nepal (1981- 2010), Executive Summary

  • Conflict in Nepal: A Simplified Account (2005)

  • Women and Governance: Reimagining the State from a Gender Perspective-Nepal Chapter (2002)

  • Women, Development and Democracy (1994)

  • Women, Development, Democracy: A Study of the Socio-Economic Changes in the Status of Women in Nepal (1981-93) – Abridged Version

Jointly Publications

  • People Participatory in Constitution Making

  • Yuva Barga ma Lagani Ko Pairabi

  • Yuva ka Kathaharu Yuva Batai

  • Civic Education Programme Facilitation Skill Manual