Front Desk Officer- Shtrii Shakti – January 2018


The Desk Officer is expected to oversee all aspects of office management, including opening and closing the office, filing, completing purchase orders and stocking office supplies. The Desk Officer will serve as a receptionist for the main office, in charge of answering telephones, transferring phone calls, greeting clients and processing mail (receiving, distributing and outgoing delivery). The front desk officer may also be asked to do minimal accounts payable and receivables work and payroll. Front desk officers can expect to work during normal business hours Sunday through Friday with little to no work on weekend days.

The successful candidate will be the focal person for daily management and maintenance,
including taking inventory of and procuring office property.


The S2 Front Desk Officer should have office management experience, whether in a previous roleas an office manager or as the manager of other employees in an office setting. Must be proficient in all office software programs, including Word, Outlook, Excel, and content management in WordPress (website management). The preferred education level for this position a Bachelor’s  degree in management, although other experiences will be considered. The Front Office Manager is expected to be personable and extremely organized, and maintain a professional appearance. Their strict attention to detail enables them to keep an office running smoothly.

The successful candidate will be timely, punctual, and available during office hours (and
sometimes as needed for unforeseen circumstances). The Front Office Manager will schedule and monitor repairs and maintenance, and will manage and monitor support staff duty hours and performance.
Spoken and written English and Nepali are essential to this position.