Crisis Support Programme

s2 6 S2 started the support programme in 1991 and has sponsored over 30 children and many marginalized women and their family members through an allocated fund from sales of our own publications, from individual contributions and donors, and from S2 staff.

This programme has focused on and benefited the following groups:

  • Victims of natural disaster especially single women, children and youth
  • Victims of domestic violence especially women and also other victims of inconstant
  • Women\children from low economic background and Dalit
  • Unemployed and frustrated youth

**If you or someone you know needs crisis support, Contact Us. If it is an immediately life threatening or criminal emergency, please contact police or hospital authorities first.


This Support Programme is what we can call a selfless and socially responsible service for humanity. A majority of the population of our society is engulfed by poverty. Poverty disables people to fulfill their own basic subsistence requirements and needs, ultimately leading them to risky and valuable circumstances. S2 has been acting as a helping hand to those who are in need or are in crisis situations.

S2’s appeal for support:

A tiny butterfly when it flutters it’s wings, makes an impact on the surrounding atmosphere”. In a similar way, we welcome all those of you who are concerned and interested in our mission to support the people in crisis. Even your small contribution can make a difference in the lives of the most disadvantaged people of Nepal. Please contact us by phone or email if you are interested in volunteering or donating funds to this cause. Let’s join hands for a noble cause by making the dreams of less privileged ones to come true.

Bank Account Details for Donations:

A/c Nepal SBI Bank Ltds2 9

Durbar Marg Main Branch

Account Name: Shtrii Shakti

A/c 17725240200150 NPR