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Who are we?

Shtrii Shakti directly translates into empowerment of women and is a Nepali acronym for

Sh – Shtrii (Woman in Nepali)
T – Training
R – Research
I – Information and Documentation
I – Intervention (value based, need based and right based)

Shakti -Embodied energy and strength.

Shtrii Shakti(S2)  is a Non-Governmental Development Organization based action research institution dedicated to implementing programmes that helps in awakening the dormant power within women and men, particularly the youth and benefiting that sector of the population who are most in need. Our holistic and action research centered development approach has resulted in programmes that are both effective and appropriate to its stakeholders. Since its inception S2 has established itself as one of the lead women and youth development institutions in Nepal.

Over two decades of implementing action research based programmes, learning what works and what does not, sharing intensively with stakeholders and the target communities at large, S2 has developed a holistic philosophy towards reaching the heart of each individual. It has developed a philosophical understanding which has helped us to take the role of an empowered gender conscious development organization. Some of the current activities of S2 are as follows :-

  • Gender, Youth and Sustainable Development
  • Sisters for Sister’s Education
  • Study on Abortion from Client’s Perspective
  • Kathmandu Resource Centre
  • Capacity Development for Gender Master Trainers
  • Publications on Gender and Related Issues
  • Capacity Development Training
  • Crisis Support
  • Consultancies

S2 was formed as an overall linking institution that brings together communities with the appropriate facilitating agencies, especially women in need of assistance. S2 targets women and youth from excluded communities of low income as well as low skilled groups who have been either overlooked in the past or have not been reached, despite efforts to provide them with assistance.

For S2, change can only take place when actions are based on values like sharing, caring, patience, compassion and love. S2 is guided by the principle of the three Energies-Energy, Emotion and Esteem. Energy as in physical energy and vitality; a powerful physical force. Emotional energy as a powerful creative force. Esteem or positive thinking as life-directing energy.

Some of S2’s projects include providing basic needs, knowledge, attitude and skills for women, men, youth and children. This also includes crisis support, capacity development, advocacy, social-economic entrepreneurship, training, workshops and networking. S2’s vision of development issues ranges from gender, governance, change, green governance, GBV, globalization, environment, social and cultural to NGOs/CBOs management.

Contact Address

Shtrii Shakti(S2)
GPO Box 23111, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977-1-4446053, 4433698

Email: shtriishakti@s2.wlink.com.np